Nothing starts without an idea. And nothing happens until an idea takes form. Igma is experienced in working with an idea to make the initial concept real, and as effective as possible. We understand that essentially all technology is the same, but it is how it is used that makes any company different. With a growing reputation as a graphics solution provider, we work with many names both big and small to provide innovative results for graphic display. For the world’s largest coffee retailer we provide just in time solutions for their rolling expansion programme which requires consistent, reliable supply both in quality and timing. We are team players – working with designers, project managers, and logistics experts to ensure that our key element of any project is delivered on time, every time and to exceptional standards demanded by blue chip clients. The benefit of our experience is available to you – for single project or a major rolling programme: retail, exhibition, interior or anything else you might need. We offer solutions for everything from eclectic (bespoke) retail, restaurant and interior display to exhibitions and conferences, location and event branding. Igma strive to create strong working relationships with clients, partnering and often creating solutions for graphic display.